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Anni Lyn Sportswear Women’s Flexfit Pro Leather Gloves

Anni Lyn Sportswear

SKU: 20110_6

The Anni Lyn Sportswear Flexfit Pro Leather Glove is the ultimate women's glove in fit, comfort, durability and flexibility. This glove is made of sheepskin for a thin, but durable leather. The sheepskin being thin, allows the glove to mold to you fingers. There are flex joints everywhere on this glove. Flex joints are sewn into the outside knuckle joints, the finger joints and along the side of the glove to allow for flexibility when gripping items. There are also flex panels sewn into the inside finger joints and an exclusive stretch panel that ergonomically follows along the inside muscles of the palm allowing the glove to move when gripping the reins, lead rope or the steering wheel of your car. Gloves come in women's sizes of 6 through 10 and in colors of Solid Black or White with Black flex panels. Extensive sewing work makes this a work of art in the glove world and Anni Lyn is proud to offer this glove to the riding world.



  • Made with Sheepskin Leather. Light and molds to your fingers
  • A Multitude of flex panels at all of the joints and muscle curvature
  • Black Flex panels intricately sewn into the sheepskin


Color: Black

Women’s Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9

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