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Walsh Showman Leather Halter


$169.00 $188.00
SKU: 4744_HV

Walsh's #1 selling 3/4" wide halter!

The Walsh Showman Halter is made with top quality 3/4 inch English Bridle leather with hand rubbed edges. It's double stitched with two-ply construction and has a double buckle crown and a straight chin. This allows the halter to fit a wide range of ponies. The distinctive chestnut color with white stitching is a Walsh trademark. This halter offers a great look on those horses that are juvenile or have a more refined head. 


  • Straight Fixed Chin
  • Throat Snap Closure
  • 3/4" English Bridle Leather
  • Double Stitched, 2-ply construction
  • Solid Brass hardware
  • Double Buckle Crown

Colors: Chestnut, Havana

Sizes:  Weanling/Small Pony (4744), Yearling/Medium Pony (4745), Cob/Large Pony (4746), Horse (4747), Large Horse (4748). 


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