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Equiline EsiceKH B-Move Light Women’s High Waist Knee Grip Breech


SKU: N09093-002_38

NEW from the Equiline 2024 Spring & Summer Collection!

The Equiline EsiceKH Light Women’s High Waist Knee Grip Breeches crafted from stretch B-MOVE bonded fabric, a pinnacle of comfort and performance tailored for equestrian enthusiasts. Engineered with a knee grip system and a high waist design, these breeches are ideal for both jumping and dressage disciplines, offering superior stability and support. Boasting ergonomic cuts that accentuate the female shape, these breeches not only offer functionality but also highlight the rider’s silhouette. Featuring front pockets for carrying essential items during rides, these breeches redefine convenience and practicality in equestrian wear. This breech is engineered for strength, durability and comfort. The stretch fastening system on the bottom legs ensures a customizable and snug fit, providing unparalleled ease of movement. Elevate your riding experience with Equiline Riding Breeches, where superior design meets comfort and functionality for the modern rider.


  • High waist design
  • Knee grip system
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable
  • B-Move stretch bonded fabric
  • Ergonomic cuts follow and highlight all women’s shapes
  • Two front pockets to carry the essentials
  • Stretch fastening system on bottom legs
  • Machine washable
  • Imported

Color: Blue

Women’s Italian Sizes: 38 (US 22), 40 (US 24), 42 (US 26), 44 (US 28), 46 (US 30)

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