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Betty's Best Original StripHair Gentle Groomer

Betty's Best

SKU: BBStripHair_
One Size / Black


The Betty’s Best Original StripHair Gentle Groomer is a unique all-in-one design that offers convenient, multi-purpose functionality to groom, shed, curry, shampoo, slick, shine and massage all areas of the body—comfortably. StripHair will remove loose hair, dirt and dander while adding shine to the coat and warming the muscles. The StripHair ORIGINAL is extra durable yet flexible, sanitary and easy to clean.

It is that time of the year, when we need to get all that unruly winter coat off our horses. Well, we have a solution for you … the Betty’s Best Original StripHair Gentle Groomer! This is the best shedding tool that we have used. Shedding blades are harsh and curry combs usually end up making a huge mess. Give the StripHair Gentle Groomer a try, you won’t regret it! This grooming tool is Ideal for all Horses...especially sensitive breeds, including Thoroughbreds & Arabians. Can be used for medium & large dogs too!

Made in the USA

Color: Black

Length: 9in/22cm



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