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Breyer American Pharoah - Triple Crown Winner 2015


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NEW! The Breyer American Pharoah Model!

The Breyer American Pharoah traditional sized horse model is here! 

For 37 years, Thoroughbred fans waited for the next legendary three-year-old to claim racing’s Triple Crown: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

In 2015, that legend arrived: A bay colt with a big stride and improbably short tail named American Pharoah.

The American Pharoah Traditional 1/9 scale model captures the 2015 Triple Crown winner at full gallop as if reaching for the finish line, in rich semi-gloss tones of deep bay with black points and grey hooves, and expressive, hand-detailed attention to the eyes and muzzle. True to every detail, the model also bears the stallion’s distinctive short tail.

Size: Traditional 1/9 scale model

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