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Camelot Stable Halter


SKU: 464280

The Camelot Stable Halter will give your horse a remarkable fit.  Designed in Lexington, KY,  these halters fit right and are a remarkable value. Single buckle crown, adjustable noseband, and rolled throat with snap.


  • Single buckle crown
  • Rolled throat with snap 
  • Adjustable noseband
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Quality at an affordable price

Colors: Brown

Sizes: Suckling, Weanling, Pony, Cob, Horse, Oversize, Draft.


Size Guide:

Newborn Sucking 0-3 months/Small Miniature (100 lbs - 200 lbs)
Weanling 3-9 months/Small Pony/Miniature (200 lbs- 300 lbs)
Small Horse/Large Pony/Arabian/Cob (500 lbs - 800 lbs)
Average Horse (800 lbs - 1,100 lbs)
Large Horse/Warmblood/Oversized (1,100 lbs - 1,600 lbs)

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