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Lucky Braids Handy Salve

Lucky Braids

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The Lucky Braids Handy Salve is the answer to solving even the worst case of:  tail rubbing, bug bites, crud, scratches, rubs, *dogs' hot spots, etc. It quickly promotes healthy skin from every direction by: soothing, cooling, moisturizing and nourishing roots, skin and hair.

Most remedies are greasy or drying. So, they clog pores, attract the drying sun as well as fungus and bacteria, which can exasperate problems. Many kill cells, actually inhibiting healing. Stripping natural oils and parching skin leaves it even more susceptible to irritation and disease. So, there may be relief for a minute, but the problem is perpetuated.

Handy Salve, on the other hand, promotes rapid healing by soothing and fortifying the skin. It’s the consistency of a light lotion. Readily absorbed into the skin, it leaves no residue. A good all-around topical, long-standing problems typically have hair growing back in 3-4 days.

Size: 4 Oz



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